Safety Commitment

Safety Commitment

We place a premium on providing the safest work environment possible and continually develop and refine our extensive safety program. Each employee is furnished with the latest safety equipment the industry offers, from OSHA approved scaffolding and fall protection to elite respiratory protection.

Each employee has completed a minimum of OSHA 10 with supervision and project management completing OSHA 30 certifications, in addition to constant, ongoing safety training to ensure a safe workplace. Our field superintendents also lead daily “Toolbox Talk” safety meetings for every crew, covering a wide range of subjects which are vital to providing a safe working environment.

Some of our “Toolbox Talk” safety meeting topics include: Confined Space Entry, Scaffolding Safety, Fall Protection, Respiratory Protection, Personal Protective Equipment, Cranes and Hoists, Rigging Inspections and Practices, Fire Prevention / Protection, Lock-Out / Tag-Out, Hazard Communication, Hazard Material Handling, Hydrogen Sulfide Safety, and Hearing Conservation.

Alloy Cladding is aware that working in heavy industrial settings can be dangerous. Our commitment to safety is not something we stress merely to appease our customers; rather, we emphasize the importance of safety to protect the welfare of both our employees and our customers. We continually look to improve upon our safety program and make sure that safety is never sacrificed.

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