Parts & Component Supplier

Parts & Component Supplier

Plate – Alloy Cladding carries pre-rolled pressure vessel quality steel plate, ready to ship on short notice. The steel plate is made to order in virtually any size and is often used for flush patch welds, to eliminate unwanted nozzles, and to repair worn areas. We also provide and install formed plate for complete cone and dome replacement.

Screens for Gas Off Nozzles – Stainless steel constructed screens for gas off nozzles are essential to maintain the highest productivity level for pressure vessels. These custom built screens are specifically engineered and constructed for easy installation and removal for routine cleaning. The screens also eliminate the potential for damage to the capping valve, further reducing the need for future repairs.

Nozzles – Although Alloy Cladding specializes in the repair of various types of nozzles, we understand that it is sometimes more beneficial and cost effective to replace rather than attempt to salvage. For this reason, we keep a wide array of replacement nozzles in stock. Alloy Cladding also has the capability of fabricating and installing custom nozzles to meet any desired specifications.

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