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Since 1956, Alloy Cladding Company has distinguished itself as the leader in the development and application of specialty welding technology systems and automated equipment processes to the pulp and paper industry and other heavy industrial markets. Specifically, we have become the leading contractor in digester repair, maintenance and overlay. Alloy Cladding maintains more digester fleets across the country than any other overlay provider, making us the most trusted and experienced contractor in the industry.

Alloy Cladding is the only specialty welding contractor utilizing an automated submerged arc welding technology for digester overlay. Our method, which is performed in hundreds of digester vessels annually, provides a superior corrosion resistant overlay, maximizing system reliability and extending life cycles.


Due to our breadth of expertise, perfected welding processes, technologically advanced equipment and core corporate fundamentals, Alloy Cladding consistently comes in ahead of schedule and under budget. Our team develops and implements specific solutions individually tailored to our customers’ unique needs and requirements.


Our experienced workforce is able to define and perform the necessary scope of work, while also developing and implementing a maintenance program that keeps future repairs to a minimum. We are available for scheduled shutdowns, and also have emergency action response teams to assist with unexpected situations.


Founded on the principals of honesty and integrity, Alloy Cladding is committed to providing our customers with the industry’s highest level of safety, service, quality, and productivity. Through research and innovative thinking, we continually work to improve our processes to set the standard for welding solutions in the global marketplace.

Industry Leader Since 1956

As the preferred vendor for the majority of digester owners nationwide, Alloy Cladding consistently delivers quality projects ahead of schedule and under budget. We are pleased to provide references upon request that will speak to the quality and workmanship of our products and services. Our experienced teams are available for regularly scheduled outage work as well as unplanned ‘emergency response’ projects. In either case, our team will define and perform the necessary work scopes while developing and implementing an effective overall maintenance program that will minimize future repair initiatives and extend vessel and component life cycles.

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